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Spicy Salmon Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll


Be the neighbor's Enemy

  • Nori Sheet 1/2 pcs
  • Cucumber (Shredded) 10 gm
  • Sushi rice 120 gm
  • Fillet of Salmon (Finger Cut) 70 gm
  • Chilly Mayo 5 gm
  • Tempura Flakes 5 gm
  • Pickled Ginger (Gari) 15 gm
  • Wasabi Paste 8 gm
  • Kikkoman Soya & Apple Juice 20 ml


Put on your expert look as you unfurl the sushi rolling mat and place the Nori sheet in the center. Evenly spread the ball of rice over the Nori to the edge of the sheet.

Turn the sheet upside down with the rice facing the mat. Look casual as you pull of this tricky move.

Lay the finger cut salmon, cucumber, spicy mayo, tempura flaked, pipe chilli mayo on the Nori. Roll the sushi nice and compact, apple thin slices of salmon on the rice and roll again. Remove the mat and cut with a sushi knife into eight pieces.

Serve on a platter with Gari (Japanese Pickled Gimger), Wasabi and Kikkoman soya sauce for dipping.

The Secret of Wasabi Paste

You can get readymade Wasabi paste in the supermarket these days but it is not our favorite, so we recommend you try this simple recipe.

For fresh tasting wasabi paste, take 10 gms of Wasabi powder from your Store Cupboard and add equal amount of water to it. You can add it to almost any dish for a unique flavor, and if that's not enough, you'd be glad to know that Wasabi has some super health benefits too.

For dipping soya, you can't go wrong with the kikkoman soya. You can always add some apple juice to it to make it milder, if you prefer.


Traditionally, Sushi is not supposed to be eaten with chopsticks. It's true! Notice how the sishi breaks apart when you dip it in the bowl of soy sauce? That's because you are supposed to eat it with your hands. The method for eating sushi is more or less to hold the sushi piece like it's a computer mouse, slowly flip it over, and lightly drench one side in the soy sauce.

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